About Edu Mount

EduMount School is a leading educational institution that offers a comprehensive learning environment for students up to the 9th grade. The school's primary focus is on enabling students to acquire and master concepts and skills at appropriate levels in both scholastic and co-scholastic disciplines. EduMount believes in making learning an entertaining yet purposeful experience through a variety of methods, including learning by doing, collaborative learning through meaningful activities and projects, and even distance learning aided by technology.

EduMount is deeply committed to providing excellent education and opening new vistas of learning where each student can realize their full potential in academic work, sports, or other co-scholastic activities. The school fosters a caring and safe environment where students can articulate and express their views without apprehension, seek support from adults, and evolve as caring, knowledgeable, principled young individuals who can take risks and succeed in all they do.

EduMount's philosophy is that all students can learn if they are taught and inspired to develop high expectations. The school believes that a well-balanced staff with multiple skills and a caring attitude account for student success. The school values the commitment of parents and students to good education and recognizes that it is a vote of confidence in the institution. EduMount is committed to ensuring positive student, parent, and staff involvement to actualize the true potential of its students.

With great pride and pleasure, I, Col Sundeep Sen (retd), would like to introduce you to our school. Our school's website, www.edumount.org, allows you to explore our exciting world of education and understand why it provides the best environment for your child's holistic development.

Since its inception, our institution has consistently marched forward to spread the light of education and pave the path of academic excellence for every student. Our key focus is to create opportunities, challenge minds, encourage innovation, and inspire excellence. As an Army veteran, I have lived my life in a disciplined and balanced way and realized that quality education is the core of a vibrant, progressive society and a must for the development of a great nation.

So, I encourage you to take a look at our website to get a clear understanding of our school and how we can contribute to your child's growth and development. Thank you for considering us as a partner in your child's educational journey.

Col Sundeep Sen (Retd)

Mrs. Namrata Sen

As the principal of EduMount, my utmost priority is to ensure that every student receives the best possible education. I firmly believe that all students are capable of learning, and it is our responsibility as educators to provide them with the necessary support to help them succeed. To achieve this goal, we need to understand each student's unique learning style and tailor our teaching methods accordingly.

At EduMount, we are committed to creating a learning environment that is not only safe and caring but also enjoyable. We want our students to love school and be excited to come to class every day. Our staff is passionate about education, and we work collaboratively to provide a positive and fun atmosphere for our students.

We recognize that each child is different, and we are dedicated to meeting their diverse needs. We strive to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where every student feels valued and respected. Our ultimate goal is to provide our students with the tools they need to succeed in life.

As the principal of EduMount, I promise to work tirelessly to ensure that every student receives the best possible education in a safe, supportive, and fun environment. Our staff is committed to putting our students' needs first and working collaboratively to help them thrive. Together, we will make EduMount a place where every child can reach their full potential.

A child's learning involves and revolve around an effective partnership between home and school At EduMount International School we believe that education is a process of awakening individual potential to creative knowledge. A good career is important but a good character is Paramount. Students, Parents,Teachers all play a vital role in helping students to reach their goal. The school has its deep roots in the field of Education. I feel proud and privileged to become a member of this family. Our students have reached the heights as inspired by the motto. The aim of the school is to bring out the best in students and make them better citizens. The school always tries to give them holistic development and impart them with the best academic excellence.

Ms. Priyanka Aaswani

Kavita Negi

*“Education is one thing no one can take away from you.” —Elin Nordegren*

Education lays the basic foundation to build a bright future. School education helps every student discover their unique interests and passions. In a way, EduMount International school paves a way for students to create their career path and ladder to create a successful future.

The school provides an environment where the child realizes his worth as a responsible, balanced and valued member of the society; and believes in the concept of creating an ambient future for all. We are focused on being a student and learning-centered school that is consistently moving forward in preparing students to be successful as modern global citizens along with the support of the cooperative parents.

EduMount International school is one of the best educational institute of Haldwani, helping students to develop their mental, physical and social traits. The school organizes scholastic and co-scholastic activities round the year, that promote creativity and innovative thinking in students.The school is striving hard to make the best possible efforts to inculcate strong values combining with academics and extracurricular activities in children.

I hope and pray that the students of our school will find the key to open the golden door to achieve success of their life.